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>> New Hoist Car from Steinweg, Germany
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    New Hoist Car from Steinweg, Germany
 We are the distributor of Steinweg Hoist in Korea.
 The Steinweg, Germany specialized in construction hoist since 1942, is renowned on it products for safety and reliability, high performance and sturdy construction. New ideas, the know-how grown over decades and a high quality level have been the basis of success and worldwide reputation.
 All products meet current European and many national safety standards.

Samsung Tower Palace selected Steinweg Hoist !
         Steinweg Products

  SUPERLIFT-XL   ¢º Detail
The Superlift XL introduces a hoisting system unequalled for versatility and efficiency, it is very easy to convert from a material hoist to a passenger hoist-and vise-versa, with a capacity of 2000 kg or 22 passengers, or twice as much with twin cage/platforms.
The lightweight, easy to handle parts of the TOPLIFT are quickly loaded and transported easily and in no time. Toplift is ready to go, without any tools.
  SUPERLIFT 200/300
A practical and extremely useful hoist with applications throughout the construction, renovation, and building trades. It has a capacity of 200 kg and is supplied either as a rope hoist (200 S) or rack-and-pinion hoist (200 Z). The rack-and-pinion hoist 300Z lifts 300 kg upto 100 m.
The Superlift 500 Z is a robust rack and pinion hoist designed to handle materials of all kind on any construction site. The 500 kg capacity is carried on a platform 1,40 m X 1,60 m X 1,80 m high which pivots through 90 degrees to ease loading and unloading. The hoist carries the C E Mark and meets all current E.E.C regulations.
An automatically traversing lift cage, the unique and sensational feature in hoist design ! While the cage travels in front of the scaffold or building with the safety distrance of 50 cm, for loading and unloading it stands directly in front of the scaffolding or building.

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