HeliMax is the giant helium- filled lightballoon. With the filling of helium gas, the balloon rises on its own up to a height of 50 metres at an electricity wire. Bigger versions are additionally secured with a winch.

The bulb is situated inside the balloon. The lightballoon POWERMOON- HeliMax is not only a decorative full moon on a wire, it evenly lightens huge areas. That means apart from the field of events the HeliMax with a diameter up to 5, 5 metres and an output of 16.000 watt HMI is an effective tool to illuminate huge areas. The HeliMax is suitable for disasters of huge dimensions (e.g. a vast damaged urban area caused by an earthquake or other natural disasters) and lengthier accidents on traffic routes.

Also huge construction sites or rock concerts as well as filming can be illuminated non- dazzled and shade reduced.

The HeliMax of 16 000 watt metal steam lamp produces a luminous flux comparable to 35.000 Watt halogen floodlights. In this way it is easily possible to illuminate an area with a radius up to 800 metres. Within a radius of 1,5 to 2 km light conditions similar to twilight can be reached.

The biggest HeliMax of a radius of 5,5 metres can be in use up to a wind speed of 5 to 6 according to the Beaufort- scale. Its amount of filling is about 95 cubic metres.

Starting the HeliMax

The cover of HeliMax

As Eye- catcher, for advertising, small events and fairs also are available the helium filled HeliMax of diameters of 2 and 2,5 metres.

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