Why use a lighting balloon?

The three most important features of Powermoons are their unequalled quality of light, their portability and their quality of manufacture.
Powermoon light quality is entirely unlike any other.
The white permeable textile of the balloon envelope diffuses and distributes light evenly around the light source. Harsh shadows associated with floodlights disappear. There are no disturbing silhouettes with high density light and dark areas to confuse and dazzle the human eye. Powermoons are a safer option wherever traffic is moving in the area. Conventional floodlights produce a wall of light preventing an observer from distinguishing forms behind it. Safety and teamwork can be severely compromised in these situations. To distribute floodlighting effectively requires extremely tall poles which can be expensive and difficult to transport. From a height of only three to five metres Powermoon achieves a light distribution which equals that achieved at a height of ten to twelve metres from conventional floodlighting.
Powermoon technology is guaranteed for two years.
Manufactured in Germany, the units comply with TUV and ENEC standards in addition to being CE tested and approved, guaranteeing efficiency, durability and safety. Where metals are required for stands only rust resistant materials such as stainless steel and aluminium are used. The envelopes are comprised of solid spinnaker nylon, glass fibres and aramid textile.
Powermoon portability surpasses all others.
Powermoon's patented lighting concept enables compact packing and easy quick installation. It`s light weight makes it ideal for use in difficult access locations, such as dense undergrowth, hillsides, marsh or in disaster rubble. Powermoon is the ideal lighting system for all the emergency services, and wherever a consistently high level of illumination is required across a large area.

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