more about the POWERMOON

Versatile optimal lighting for a range of applications. Available in three different formats, for varying requirements Powermoon technology utilises an elliptical diffused low brightness floodlighting system and all Powermoon luminaires are ideally suited for use at night in areas where minimal glare, high illumination levels and reduced shadows are required.
Mounted or suspended on a tripod, these Powermoons are ideal for lighting technical services such as road and rail construction. Emergency services appreciate the virtually shadow and glare-free light, as this provides the best conditions for rescue and salvage operations. Fitted with either artificial or daylight options, Powermoon has become an important partner for filming. Powermoon, mounted on a tripod, is convenient wherever rapidly installed lighting is required for large areas. The patented Powermoon is high-powered, small and lightweight and as such has become a permanent feature of mobile rescue teams such as those working in earthquake and other disaster areas around the world. Quick and easy to install, it can be ready for use within twenty seconds. Lightweight and compact, four Powermoon 1000 W, weighting twenty kilograms each, will fit into the boot of a Volkswagen Golf, and when installed light an area the size of a football pitch or a road 160 metres long, as bright as daylight.
This Powermoon has either halogen artificial light or 5700 Kelvin daylight quality HMI-metal iodide gas lamps installed within the balloon. Helium, which is inert and inflammable, lifts the balloon up to a maximum of fifty metres, dependent on its diameter. Tethered on a wire, this Powermoon appears as a full moon evenly bathing the surrounding area in light. A Helimax balloon can be used highly effectively as an advertising medium by adding temporary or permanent graphics to the outer balloon envelope. Large Helimax Powermoons, with a diameter exceeding five metres, are suitable for emergency lighting of huge incidents, such as earthquakes or rail accidents. All Helimax Powermoons have wind resistance of 30 km per hour, the larger ones withstanding 45 km per hour. Helimax is the ideal choice for sports events, concerts, and film-making. Dependent on the atmospheric conditions, helium can remain inside the special light-diffusing cover for two or three days.
This Powermoon is inflated by an integral fan. Mounted on a tripod or suspended from a suitable support, Powermoon Event is ideal for sports events, concerts, festivals, exhibitions etc. It can be installed very quickly by one person in two to three minutes. As an artificial moon it has good light quality and creates impact.

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