The POWERMOON enables to teamwork without one person of the group being forced to look into glaring floodlight. Using the POWERMOON in the road construction, the passing traffic will not be harmed and endangered by flashy floodlight.

The POWERMOON convinces with its equally distributed and pleasant light, which, distributed threw the balloon cover, makes harsh shades disappear. Thus it is possible to reach daylight conditions.
The underside of the balloon distributes the light, while the upper side, which is covered with aluminium, provides a high light efficiency downwards. A construction height of 3 to 5 metres already provides optimal distribution of light. The well known floodlights do not achieve this distribution until a height of 10 to 15 metres.

The compact way of construction enables storage and transport in the tiniest space. Four POWERMOON, that easily can be stored in the trunk of an estate car, lighten an area of the size of a football field within a setting- up time of 10 minutes.

The powerful HQI- metal steam lamp provides highest light efficiency with low connected wattage. Further alternative bulbs are halogen and daylight lamps. The POWERMOON can be installed at machines and illuminate in a perfect way the catchment area of the equipment. The body material of the lamp is completely made of robust aluminium casting.


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