Equipment Categories

 Nuclear Power Plant
Nuclear Products by MHII
Nuclear Engineering Consultants by MHI
Nuclear Products by AREVA NP
Nuclear Engineering Consultants by AREVA NP
 Nuclear Fuel Supply by AREVA NC
 KEDO NSSS Projects
Reactor Vessel Closure Head
CVCS Equipments
SIS Equipments
 KEDO BOP Projects
ASME Shop Fabricate Pressure Vessels & Tanks
ASME Heat Exchanger
Gaseous Radwaste System
Main Feedwater Pumps
 Nuclear A/S Projects
RCS RTD Bypass Elimination Projects(Kori, YGN)
SSPS Dual Logic Circuit
Rod Control System Upgrade
Outage Optimization
Special Equipments for PSI, ISI
Special Equipments for Maintenance, Repair
 Shield & Tunneling
Shield Machine
- Slurry Shield
- Earth Pressure Balanced Shields
- Shield with Excavator
- Tunneling Boring Machines (TBM)
Road Header
Crawler Drill
Motor Pump
Concrete Pump
Dust Collector
Concrete Spreader
 Dam Construction Heavy Duty
Batcher Plant
Excavator over 1§©
Dump Truck
Bucket Wheel Excavator
 Road Paving
Asphalt Plant
Asphalt Paver
Motor Grader
Recycle Plant
Road Cutter
 Foundation Civil Engineering Construction
JUS100 Pile Driver Tower Crane
Batching Plant
Mixer Truck
Concrete Pump Car
Excavator with Multi Attachment
Boring Machine
Pile Driver
Reverse Circulation Drill
Hydraulic Hammer
Truck Crane
Mobile Lift
Crushing Plant
2 no. SK 96 .1City Cranes on a high-rise building siteHydraulic Hammer PMJ-200
Crawler Crane
Heavy Lift Crane
Deric Crane
Rubber Tired Crane
Tower Crane
 Offshore Project / Work Vessel
Dredger / Hopper, Pump, Grab
Self Elevating Platform Barge
Concrete Batcher Plant Barge
Pile Driving Barge
Floating Crane
Sand Compaction Barge
SEP-Barge(Self Elevating Platform Barge)Concrete Batcher Plant Barge
 Hoist Car / Lift Car   ¢º Detail
Steinweg Superlift XL
Steinweg Superlift 500Z
Steinweg Superlift 200/300
Steinweg Top-lift
Steinweg Pm-lift
Diamond Sawing Machine
 Fire Fighting Trucks and Equipment
41M Aerial Ladder Trucks, 24M Aerial Platforms 11,000L Tank pumper and 4,000L tanker pumpers
Super Gyro Ladder
Ladder Trucks
Tanker Pumper
Aerial Platform
Airport Crash Truck
Emergency Rescue & Ambulance Truck
 Special Commercial Trucks
Mixer Truck
Tanker Truck
Dump Truck
 Shredder and Guillotine System
 Enviromental Machinery and System
Water Treatment System
Waste Treatment System
Ultra-Violet Sterilizer
Ozone Generator
N-VIRO(Bio Soil) System
 Materials for Water Proof on Bridge
Rubber Soid
PM Sheet
Sero Seal SS
 Rubber Dam
Bridgestone Rubber Dam
 Electric Tools for Lock
Torshear Bolt Lock
High-Strength Bolt Lock
Turn Lock
Wrench + Controller + RecorderTSW90L  & TSW110L
 Electronic Components & Equipment
Soldering/Desoldering Tool & Station
Surface Mounting Device & Machine
BGA/CSP Baller and Reballer
Auto Light Switching System
Speed/Time Measurer
 Neuro Vision Inspection System
Technos 3000H
Technos 2000H
Technos 1000H
Technos 71XX
 Power Moon

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